Meehanite Worldwide Corporation (MWC)
Is the:

Franchise companies operate in the following geographical areas granting licenses to foundries in their region:
The International Meehanite Metal Company Limited (IMMCo) - Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim
Meehanite Metal Corporation - North America and Mexico

Meehanite Brazil
- South America
Meehanite Metal Company of Japan Limited - Japan
New Meehanite and Casting Materials (PTY) Limited - South Africa
Meehanite Taiwan - Taiwan

(For details about licensed foundries in any of these areas, click on [THE LICENSEES] on the left)

Meehanite Certification (Worldwide) Ltd - Accredited organisation providing assessment of prepared foundries to ISO9002

Meehanite Technologies Worldwide - Specialising in long term engineering projects



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