Some of its contributions to the elevation of cast iron to a reliable engineering material

    • Formulating inoculating materials
    • Wedge testing
    • Other metallurgical controls leading to a range of Meehanite irons
    • Meehanite Statistical Process Control
    • Equiblast cupola
    • Secondary air cupola
    • Standardised gating and feeding
    • Evolution of wear and corrosion resistant irons
    • Three step nodularising process enabling nodular iron to be manufactured from cupola melted base iron
    • Revision to two stage process
    • Injector nodularising process
    • Pneumatic process for desulphurisation
    • Ultrasonic determination of nodularisation and mechanical properties
    • Osmose process for nodularisation
    • Trigger process to minimise magnesium fade
    • In-the-mould nodularising process - Inmold Process
    • First generation chamber nodularising process - Flotret
    • Second generation chamber process - Imconod




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