Providing :

Casting Design Support Service - offering:

  • assistance in casting design appraisal
  • a downloading capability using client² s CAD (STL format) files
  • a dedicated E-Mail facility

Simulation (Mould Filling & Casting Solidification) - employing real-time simulation software, providing:

  • mould filling sequences (single and multiple cavity)
  • casting solidification (time elapsed tomography)
  • defect risk analysis
  • nodularity evaluation
  • hardness profiles

Advice on Casting Service Conditions

Meehanite has a background spanning some 70 years of casting manufacture, much of which is formally recorded in technical documentation. This literature may be searched to provide qualitative and quantitative information on the behaviour of cast materials operating in most service environments.

Recommendations on Material Selection

Through its licencing contracts and technology transfer agreements Meehanite is able to identify sources of the following cast materials:

  • Engineering Flake (Grey, Lamellar) Graphite Irons
  • Engineering Nodular (SG, Ductile) Graphite Irons
  • Heat Resisting Irons including Compacted Graphite (CG) Irons
  • Wear Resisting Irons including Austempered Ductile Irons (ADI)
  • Corrosion Resisting Irons (Ferritic and Austenitic)
  • Plain Carbon Steels
  • Low to Medium Alloy Steel
  • High Alloy Steels
  • Aluminium
  • Brass

Identification of Suitable Casting Process Routes

Meehanite licensees and technology transfer holders employ the following range of casting process routes:

  • mechanised greensand moulding - horizontally parted
  • mechanised greensand moulding - vertically parted
  • mechanised chemically bonded sand moulding
  • jobbing chemically bonded sand moulding
  • low pressure sand casting
  • gravity die casting
  • pressure die casting

Selection of Foundries in Client² s Preferred Geographical Regions

Meehanite licensees and technology transfer holders operate in the following geographical regions:

  • Asia, Europe, India, North America, South Africa, Japan, South America, Taiwan

Assistance in Pattern Procurement and Prototyping

During the course of its business acting as internediaries between casting purchasers and casting manufacturers, Meehanite has developed a network of organisations providing pattern making and prototyping services.

Meehanite provides a service of laying out patterns, running, gating and feeding systems to optimise metal yield and metallurgical microstructure, particularly in nodular (SG, ductile) iron.

Logistical Support

With its wide experience of the casting supply industry, Meehanite is in the position of providing specialist advice with regard to the despatch and shipping of castings from most locations in the world.

Attainment of Production Schedules

Whilst working closely with its licensees or technology transfer agreement holders Meehanite is in a unique position of being able to assist its foundry clients in organising their production to fulfill the purchase requirements of the most exacting customers.



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