Casting Solidification Simulation Software
(Available for Apple Macintosh, UNIX, Windows 95/98/NT)

With the assistance of 3D CAD modelling systems such as AutoCAD, Pro-Engineer, SolidWorks and Form-Z for the initial design, CastCAE provides an accurate and easy to use method for predicting the behavioural characteristics of castings during the filling and solidification process in a foundry. This gives the benefit of better and more cost effective methoding for castings (the use of risers and chills).

Different methods can be batch simulated, using a variety of risers, chills, temperatures and materials, often within a short space of time, to provide the best solution for the foundry. Results can be viewed and analysed by the use of easy to understand movies, either showing the filling and solidification process from start to finish, or slice by slice through the casting at different time stages.


  • Accurate and reliable mesh generation from 3D CAD produced STL files of individual casting components (casting, risers, chills etc)
  • Easy to understand menus to guide through the simulation setup process
  • A wide variety of materials and result options, all contained within the same module
  • Gravity driven feeding
  • Time animation of complete filling and solidification, and slice by slice tomographs of temperature field and defect formation
  • Batch simulation (to run several methods successively)
  • Defects, porosity and niyama criterion as movies or 3D X-Ray
  • Various packages in a wide price range (Start, Basic and Advanced)


  • Quick assessments in daily use
  • Accurate solutions for problem castings
  • Shorter development times
  • Less test and scrap castings
  • Better yield in castings
  • Energy savings
  • Highly visual results for easier communication with customer (Movies can be viewed on Macintosh or Windows 3.1, 95/NT and UNIX)

      Animations (above) and Tomographs (below) show temperature and defect distribution in colour, for ease of interpretation. The size of the cubes is defined by the user for greater accuracy. The blue/green scale indicates the defects in the casting, blue being levels of microporosity and green being liquid shrinkage. Full shrinkage holes are shown as a missing cube. A Demonstration version for Windows 95/98/NT is available FREE on application. This is a full version with a restriction in the number of cells that can be created.

      A time limited Evaluation version is also available with no restriction in cell number.

      Meehanite also has a facility for producing simulations for customers based on either drawings or CAD models supplied.

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