• To introduce the Meehanite Process into the foundry.
      • To introduce Meehanite Quality Systems and processes into the foundry.
      • To establish ISO9002 against the respective quality manuals.
      • To provide training of personnel against the respective draft manuals for the foundry.
      • To regularly visit the foundry to undertake Meehanite Quality Audits.
      • To provide relevant personnel with technological updating on foundry processes and casting applications.
      • To provide practical foundry training.
      • To make available technologies and processing developments arising from Meehanite Research & Development projects.
      • To review foundry performance with the view of recommending improvements in productivity - benchmarking exercises.
      • To analyse production costs in order to bring about their reduction.
      • To assist in the promotion of licensees' castings
      • To broaden the range of castings manufactured in the foundry and to bring them to market.

      Professional Fees
      Fees of Meehanite's Foundry Service may be equated to a fraction of one per cent of the foundry's casting sales turnover.


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